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Walking castle update

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Hey there!

Creach: The Depleted World is on the road again. Guys, if you’ve been with us all this time, you rock!

If you are new to this project, welcome!

Let’s get started.

Walking castle

We are introducing a whole new mechanic for our game: it’s going to be your very own walking castle. No kidding.


The idea was to combine a place where you can rest from adventures and a way to transport you from one location to another without spending too much time. While the castle easily gets those two birds, it also makes the gameplay more dynamic and fast-paced.


Also, having your own castle is awesome.

Another character, another story

As it turned out, Sterk isn’t getting younger. He decided to retire from his numerous adventures and asked us to find someone to replace him. And we did:

It is a man of the woodpeople, one of the Creach’s nations. The magic stone his arm is enchased with is called sunstone, because, well, it glows. Also sometimes it explodes, but it wasn’t common knowledge when they gave it a name.

And what about Sterk? He will continue to post on his Twitter and Instagram. What else he should do? Eating chickens from KFC and watching TV isn’t something people do in retirement in Creach.

Also, you’ll be able to meet Sterk in the game — not far from the start — and learn his story anyway.

New places

We have set a complete list of locations we’d like to flow the story through. The list is not huge, but we have also designed some instances within each location, and each one goes with a unique style and has a background and a story.

Some older locations have been cut off for now (maybe forever), some got redesigned completely.

Update on moving and fighting

Making gameplay fun has always been our primary goal, so here we spend most of our time: polishing the AI, making some smooth animations, thinking through the battlefields. Some of the new stuff we’d like to show you:

The surroundings

The surroundings are usually hardly considered anything meaningful to gameplay in RPGs. We are making sure you often have an edge in a battle if you keep your head up.


It’s not the only example. Each time you come to a new place, you’ll find more of the surroundings ready to help you.

Group fighting

Several foes are something you should be very careful about. One wrong step and you are dead. It’s not a movie: the enemies won’t wait until you finish off their friends (or whatever they are to each other).


There’s still a chance to win if enemies don’t ambush you:


Sometimes it’s useful to know a thing or two about your foes: for example, the dead woodpeople hate the spiders. While there’s no glory in waiting out for them to kill each other, you’ll be the only survivor to tell the story.


So learning the lore of the game may prove useful. Optional dialogues and notes will help you not to miss anything.

Time and day and night cycle

Time in Creach is crucial to several mechanics. It affects enemy behavior and even some dialogues and quests.


Thanks for being with us! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

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 Hello, friends!

Unless you are our twitter subscriber, you must’ve not heard from us in some time. Well, here we come with a huge update separated into two parts. Here, in the first part, we are going to look through some changes in Creach – there will be a lot of screenshots and GIFs here. Also you’ll find a new gameplay video in the end of this article.

In Creach: The Depleted World we pay a lot of attention to the surroundings – they have been reworked greatly. The places you visit might look a little gloomy, thus more realistic:

Once you get outside, you’ll see that not all hope is gone, and the sun is still shining in the Temple.

Though sometimes you’d wish it wasn’t shining.

Yeah, the things aren’t going great in Creach. To tell the truth, the world has turned upside down. But it’s the right time for a real hero like Sterk, isn’t it? He is brave enough to enter any dungeon with the evil lurking inside; walk down any narrow sinister streets, where many of the heroes of the old world perished. But he has to ask himself whether he is ready to face what’s hiding behind every corner, moving freely in the darkness.

Well, Sterk is no philosopher. When he sees an abyss, he doesn’t start gazing into it: he simply rushes through it and bravely fights for the glory.

You may say: “It’s easy to face bandits, beasts and even the demons, when you are strong and battle-seasoned”. Well, Sterk says that he can’t ever get used to this. It proves hard to argue with him, when you see creatures like this one:

You’ll find more of it in our NEW video:

In the second part we’ll meet the mysterious Archivist. Is he going to reveal the dark past of Creach? Or is he just a madman with his mind corrupted by the time he spent all alone? You’ll find the answers soon.

Thank you for staying with us and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Hall of the Ancestors Update

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 Hello, everyone!

Some time has passed since our last update. There we told you about mostly about the Temple: it’s threats and its history. Why come back to it?

Well, there were also some words about DevGAMM 2016, and it’s important here. To tell the truth, it was the place, where we made a handful of decisions considering the very beginning of the game and created a concept of a completely player-friendly, yet still dangerous, Temple. So here we will show you the Hall of the Ancestors:

And this is one of the annexes – the main hall of the Temple. Well, now far from the days of its former glory:

We also love working on the battles, polishing and adding new features to them. Let’s see what’ve got here:


Good old thugs. Their anger spreads far from their tightly build bodies. You’ve seen bandit archers and bandits with spears, but it doesn’t look like a real rage, does it? So that’s what we thought: “Hey, what about two blades? They can really show how ferocious bandits are”. Did it work? See for yourself:

As for us, even our programmer wouldn’t like to fight this man. But Sterk is a brave one, so he takes the challenge.

Hounds of the Stone and Spiders

As far as fighting with another human takes some skill and bravery, facing a beast is going to demand more from a man.

For example, some reaction. Sterk is not some kind of a witcher, so he frequently ends up on the floor:

But he always stands up (if he’s not dead) and continues fighting. A Hound is hard to knockback, so only heavy and precise damage may help to defeat it.

The Spiders have got new appearence. They still like to attack from the ceiling. And Sterk is…


… again on the floor. But this time it’s our fault: the spiders couldn’t knockback before, so Sterk just didn’t know about this new feature. If you fixedly look at the GIF above, you may notice a moment of true astonishment on his face.
Yeah, man, we got you. >:D

The Knight and Protective Tabouret

Well, beasts and men are quite well-spread enemies, even if we are talking about huge spiders. But what about ancient mechanisms, golems and other creatures, that cannot be commonly met in one’s bathroom or outside, hiding in the trashcan? What does it take to kill such a creature?

Some would answer: “knowledge”, others would point out madness. Both would be right.

As we’ve told you already, Sterk frequently falls down; nevertheless, his dignity and dedication only rise with each fight.

Here we come to the weird part of the update.

You have a full right to ask us: “Guys, what the hell is that?!”. Well, it’s a complicated story. You will have a possibility to discover how and where those mechanisms were used. One thing we can tell you here is this: it’s main role is being a stool.

Who’d like to sit on this? Why does it look more like a war machine than a tabouret?

The questions have their answers… throughout the game.

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Thank you and good luck!

DevGAMM Update

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Hello, everyone!

Some time has passed. We have been working hard – guys who follow us on Twitter have always been rewarded with fresh GIFs on weekends – but we didn’t have a chance to gather all the work together and make a considerable description for you about what has been done.

Along the way, we have participated in GamesJamKanobu 2016. When it came to its end, we were nominated for the Epic Games special award. The place to get it was DevGAMM 2016. So three of us were delegated to the conference.

Getting ahead of myself, I have to say that for them it ended up in visiting the stage and being publicly awarded.

Look at those happy faces!

While preparing for DevGAMM, we had to pack everything we’ve done into one build – and that’s a good reason to make an update! So here we are:

The Temple

You know what is the Temple. It was firstly invented as a friendly place for practicing our new mechanics and turned into a citadel full of dangers.

For now, we are reconstructing the Temple, but there is one thing that needs to be pointed out: it’s not safe anymore. Bandits, the Possessed and different bosses have settled down there, and you’ll need to find a way to kill them all!

Threats of the Temple

Sometimes you’ll find Temple Acolytes. Most of them are quite fragile and can’t even hold the shield properly, but their arbalesters will make you mad.

And here you can recognize one of the Possessed by the Stone:

As you can see, it’s quite aggressive. If you are brave enough to encounter a boss, let’s have a look at those two that have captured the Temple:

The Guardian of the Temple

The tough one. We can’t kill it even with the cheats.

This is the moment when you may still run away. If not, you’ll have to kill this creature (and die several times in process).

You may say: ‘Hey! This guy is just guarding!’. There is no need to be so naive: it’s guarding the Temple from everything, even from the good guys like Sterk. Unfortunately, there is no way to convince it to help you: it needs to be defeated.

The Berserker

The bandits managed to make this ferocious and completely uncontrollable man surve them. How? You’ll have to find it out: this will be the key to defeating the Berserker!

Story of the Temple

While discovering the Temple, you’ll find various characters, each one with its own story. They might confuse you, because you’ll have to choose whether you want to trust a person or not.

If you decide to discover every place in Creach, you’ll certainly intervene into conflicts between different characters: this will shed some light on the story of the world as well!

Thank you for your attention! If you like the game so far – tell your friends about it!

Stay tuned!

New Gameplay and Enemies Update

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Hello, everyone!

We want to remind you that Creach: The Depleted World has been Greenlit, so now we are preparing a playable build for the Early Access.

We also want to show our progress.

New enemies

Possessed by the Stone. These guys are just slaves of a huge power. They don’t ever speak: they are not supposed to. Seems like they have a hive mind, so be careful, when you see more than one of the Possessed!

The second one is the rock crusher. It has everything that makes it deadly: strong legs to chase its victim, powerful jaws to grind everything from man’s flesh to steel, rhino-like horn to kill with one strike… And it’s all packed into a ferocious beast with tough skin!

Rock Crusher doesn’t like the way you are looking at it.

Let’s get to the key point of this update.


During our Greenlight campaign we received several complains on the gameplay. We appreciate your feedback! It helped us to concentrate on making the battles more dynamic. You can see the results for yourself:


Bandits are the most common enemies you will meet in Creach. Nevertheless, they are extremely dangerous… Well, as much as the others.

The years spent in various RPGs, probably, left a durable stereotype in your mind considering the archers. It says: archers are strong on the distance, but once you reach them, they are dead. Haha! In Creach you’ll have to chase the bandit archer for some time in order to kill it; In the most cases you’ll finish it with several arrows in your back.

There are also bandits with a melee weapon. They easily dodge your attacks, so prepare for challenging battles.


Spiders are what most of you don’t like even in the real life. Just imagine them being huge and attacking you from the ceiling like this:

Estimate your chances of killing it with a morning newspaper – if it’s not made of steel, you’ll finish locked up in the bathroom and shaking with fear.

But don’t worry: Sterk has a lot of weapons and knows how to use it.

Even so, he needs your help to pass through the lands of Creach.

You may ask: why all enemies – even at the beginning of the game – are so hard to kill?

Well, those, who were easy to kill, are already dead. Creach is a rough world.

Thank you for your attention!

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Stay tuned!

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Hello, everyone!

Creach: The Depleted World has been Greenlit today!

We’ve spent 19 days in Steam Greenlight – 16 of them in top-100 – waiting for the Green Light of Steam Community to shine upon us, and finally it’s come! Thanks to all your support we are now preparing a playable build for the release.

If you have any questions, visit the Steam Greenlight page and leave them in the comments. We are eager to cooperate to make the game better!

That’s all for now! Follow us and tell your friends about the game, if you really like it!

Stay tuned!

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Hello, everyone!

Today is our special day. We’ve submitted our game on Steam Greenlight. If you’re watching our progress and like the game, you can really help us by simply visiting our Steam Greenlight page and voting for us. Thank you!


The game is now mostly playable. We work hard to polish it and to add more content. Here you can see some new screenshots:




And meet the hero of the day – our Greenlight Trailer! It shows most of the key features of Creach: The Depleted World. Enjoy:

Thank you for your attention!

Don’t forget to watch the trailer and visit the Steam Greenlight page!

Stay tuned!

Renewed Gameplay Update

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Hello, everyone!

Do you recognise guy on the screenshot above? No?

Let us reintroduce you Sterk, the warrior of a small tribe, lost in an endless desert.

His heart stays the same, though his body has undergone huge changes. Even the way he moves and fights has become completely different. We have our reasons to do so, but don’t blame us untill you see the video in the end of the update!

After that, you’ll agree: it’s really cool now!

By the way, Sterk isn’t the only victim of our recent work! In this update:

1. Day and night cycle

Well, it’s kind of thing we’re accustomed to in our everyday life, but day and night cycle in Creach has appeared not so long ago. You’d better not hurry to rejoice: the enemies do not sleep during the night.

You might think, they do it during the day, but no. They don’t sleep. Ever.

Since we’re talking about the enemies…

2. New enemies

Sterk’s foes recieved new appearance and improved AI. Now they act more aggressively and are really hard to kill. Also they’ve got new animations and interesting mechanics: for example, the Fire Knight is now able to get around Sterk and strike him from behind!

3. Renewed map and open world

The Temple and the pathway to the Aqueducts have got new elements and have become more living and interesting to explore. The exciting part is that the whole world of Creach (its’ playable part) is now open for the unstoppable exploration!

4. New Gameplay Video

As you know, we don’t like to make unsubstantiated statements. Just watch the video above and see for yourself. Great music, action scenes and new gorgeous surroundings are worth waiting.

Important note: Since we are making a lot of changes we can hardly show in our old ‘weekly update’ format, we’ve decided to accumulate updates until they are really worth showing.

BUT this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to wait long for the next update: it’s comming soon.

Thank you for your attention! Stay with us! 😉

IGF Update!

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Hello everyone!

The last three weeks have been crazy. We have fixed a whole ocean of bugs and made our game playable, and as the result – reached our primary goal: now we’re amongst IGF participants! You can find our project here.

Also you should have noticed our new enemy – the Fire Knight. Sterk will meet it in the deep underground factory. The Fire Knights were constructed long time ago for the war and have outlived their Creator. They are left to guard the factory, where they were created.

That’s all for now!

Stay tuned for more updates and content!

Healing and Resurrecting update

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Hello, everyone!

In this update we want to show you some new animations and new characters. Here we go:

The Elder

The old man on the GIF above is the Elder, and he’s the leader of Sterk’s tribe. He looks tired, and he actually is. His life is all about controlling the tribe and making sure everyone has food to eat and a place to live in. But as far as he’s got used to the power he has and to the tough decisions he makes every day, he has lost some humanity, and is hard to be convinced in anything that contradicts his own view. Sterk will meet him in the starting location at the beginning of the game.


Now you can heal Sterk by pressing the middle mouse button. But don’t think this makes you invincible…


… you’re still going to die a lot if you are not cautious enough. But when Sterk dies, he’ll be beautifully resurrected near the last activated obelisk. Make sure you don’t die too much: Sterk doesn’t like it.

Thank you for your attention! Stay with us for more content and updates!