First weekly update!

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The time has come for our first update!

This week was good, and we ended up with some new features:

– New location – the Temple



It is the starting location for our hero. People here are doomed to live their lives in abandoned building, lost in the deserted unfriendly lands, because trying to inhabit huge ancient cities is far more dangerous!

– An ability to hang and to use stairs for Sterk

Here you can see the preview:

As said, Sterk can hang and climb on the high ground and use ladders to get to the places he couldn’t reach before this update 😉 And Mouseville band, as always, helps him with good ambient music!

– New weapon for Sterk

Gif_sword_light  Gif_sword_basilisk

Well, Sterk is quite happy about it.

OK, that’s it! Thank you for tracking us on IndieDB, watching our previews and showing interest to our game! We greatly appreciate it!

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