Weekly update #2!

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Here comes our second weekly update!

We prepared some cool additions to our game during this week:

– Smithy and new stuff for the Temple



Blacksmith is not here, but the forging furnace is warmed up, so he couldn’t leave the smithy for a long time.

– Magic skills and new animations for Sterk

Here you can see some new animations: hanging on the crossbar, new falling (when Sterk falls from the high ground) and new attack animations.

And we finally taught Sterk some magic! Now he can use a stone shot to hit enemies at a distance and put stone barriers on the battlefield to protect himself.

– Two new types of triggers and camera rotation

As said, we added two types of triggers: a lever and a button. And as you can see, Sterk easily copes with them.
Also this video shows an ability to rotate camera, so you can have some overview of the surroundings.

That’s it! Thank you for your feedback and attention! You guys motivate us to work more intensively on the game! 😉

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