Weekly update #5

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Hello, everyone!

Weeks keep passing, and we keep posting updates every Sunday, as we promised. This day is not an exception.

This update is going to be brief, because we focused on inventory and did a great job to implement it. See for yourself:

– Inventory

Here you can see Sterk changing his armor. The choice may depend not only on player’s visual preferences, but on the current game situation as well!

– New armor set



This new armor is called Temple Vanguard armor and it’s a great medium armor, mostly made of stubbed leather. It doesn’t slow its wearer down and grants significant protection against beasts. This set is an excellent choice for hunters and fast-moving squads.

Bonus: Epic screenshot!


We are constantly making progress on the boss fight!

That’s all for this week!

Thank you for your feedback and attention! Stay with us and enjoy more cool content every week! 😉