Weekly update #7

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We have new features to show you!

Let’s have a look:

– New enemies – numerous Spiders


Whenever you come to dark places, prepare to face them… Rumors say, long time ago these creatures used to have a great civilization; but now all that’s left is their life form of spiders.

– New one-handed weapon attack animation

04_HIG  05_HIG

Now Sterk can surprise his foes with new attack! You may also notice trails – look cool, don’t they? 😉

– Two-handed weapon


Spiders have their bodies protected with chitin, and it’s quite hard to kill them using light arms. Fortunately, Sterk has learned how to use two-handed weapon.

That’s all for this week!

We are still marching through the early development stage, but thanks to your support we create and implement new features every week! Thank you!