Aqueduct Sentinel update!

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This week we have some more stuff to show you!

It’s all about the Ancient Aquducts. And the first thing here is…

The Aqueducts themselves

The Ancient Aqueducts were built under the deserted ground and were used to transport water from the source to some deep constructions. Now they are abandoned, because there’s no use in them – it’s true; but the real reason is the deadly creatures which inhabit the Aqueducts. And among them you may find…

The Aqueduct Sentinels


They guarded this place in the old times, but now seem to have lost control. They attack anything comming up to their sight.

And one more update!

The shield

Now Sterk can not only dodge incomming attacks, but also block them. This is useful if you want to stay inside of the fight.

However, he can’t take a shield if he holds a two-handed weapon.

Thank you for your attention!

We’ve noticed that a lot of people are starting to get interested in our project, and that’s cool! As you can see, we’re making constant progress every week! Stay tuned! 😉