Healing and Resurrecting update

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Hello, everyone!

In this update we want to show you some new animations and new characters. Here we go:

The Elder

The old man on the GIF above is the Elder, and he’s the leader of Sterk’s tribe. He looks tired, and he actually is. His life is all about controlling the tribe and making sure everyone has food to eat and a place to live in. But as far as he’s got used to the power he has and to the tough decisions he makes every day, he has lost some humanity, and is hard to be convinced in anything that contradicts his own view. Sterk will meet him in the starting location at the beginning of the game.


Now you can heal Sterk by pressing the middle mouse button. But don’t think this makes you invincible…


… you’re still going to die a lot if you are not cautious enough. But when Sterk dies, he’ll be beautifully resurrected near the last activated obelisk. Make sure you don’t die too much: Sterk doesn’t like it.

Thank you for your attention! Stay with us for more content and updates!