Magic Protection Update

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Hello there!

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We are unlocking new area of interest for Sterk and for you! It’s the path, which connects the Temple and the Aqueducts. Here Sterk will face his first enemies in this story, and you’ll get a chance for some combat practice!

The Sentinel: Shield

Do you remember the guy that we tried to rob in the tutorial update? It’s the Ancient Sentinel, left to guard something that was important in the older times, but has probably turned into ashes by now. Or not. Anyway, fighting the Sentinel is worth trying.

It is going to be one of the first enemies you’ll face in Creach, so we try to make it remarkable and interesting. And hard to kill!

To fulfill the last purpose we’ve given the Sentinel a magic shield. Here are two things you need to know about it:

– the shield absorbs damage

Obvious one. The shield serves as a ‘second health bar’, and you can see it on the GIFs: it is represented with a green line. Actually this is what shields are designed for. Just wanted to make sure you get the idea.

– the shield softens incomming strikes

Take a look at the GIFs. When Sterk hits the shield, you can see Sentinel showing no reaction: it continues fighting. It means the following: when you attack a protected enemy, you can’t interrupt its own attacks.

Also pay attention for how the shield changes visually when Sterk continues to kick the… loot out of the Sentinel. It slowly disappears, so you won’t miss the moment when it’s gone.

Thank you for the attention!

Stay with us for more content and updates! πŸ˜‰

Loot Update

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Hello, everyone!

Another week has passed by, leaving us to wait Creach: The Depleted World release. Don’t worry. It won’t take long.


This time we made a tutorial-like update. It means that each point represents a new feature: enemy awakening system, animation of dead bodies disappearance and loot system – but they are listed to form a tutorial.

How to get loot in Creach: The Depleted World

1. Enemy Awakening

If you come close to some types of enemies, so they can see or feel you, they’ll try to kill you. Creach is all about the personal space. And as far as it’s a platformer, you’re intended to become a serial private territory intruder.

The good thing here is that there is always a chance of getting some items from a dead body, just like in real life. If you want to get loot, don’t hesitate to wake up some golems or spiders and kill them!

2. Watching the body vanish

After the hardest part is done, you’ll see your foes disappearing and leaving some cool stuff behind. Or not.

3. Collecting items!

It was tough, but the moment of glory has come! Here you can see Sterk collecting new armor: dfg (Deadly Fury Gauntlets) and Temple Vanguard Armor, and a great sword of the Ancestors. A little bit rusty, as everything in Creach is, but still quite dangerous.

That’s how you get loot in Creach: The Depleted World!

Here’s one more important thing we wanted to tell you about:

We were chosen to be a part of the October edition of Indie Game Magazine! (p. 48). We all are very excited and greatly motivated for the future work.

That’s all for this week!

We hope you enjoy watching our progress and waiting for the release as much as we do! Stay tuned!

Obelisk update

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Hello again!

This week we’ve got more content to show you.

Look, Sterk has already started the preparations! He can’t wait to show you his new destructive sword! Pay attention for theΒ inventory scrolling in the video:

Here we go:



What the Obelisk is? Well, you may call it a ‘checkpoint’. When you reach an Obelisk, your progress in game is automatically saved. If you activate it, you’ll start the game close to its location the next time.

As for Sterk, he has no idea how it works.

New weapon for Sterk


Heavy two-handed sword is a deadly weapon and a good addition to Sterk’s collection! It poses a significant threat for anyone who comes close enough.


That’s all for now! Stay with us and watch our progress every week!

Spell update

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We are to introduce some work we’ve managed to complete during this week. Let’s have a look:

New spell

The ground strike spell makes Sterk dangerous to fight on the distance. When casting this, Sterk always has a chance to knock the enemy down.

Block animation

We are constantly changing animations of Sterk’s actions, so they look more realistic. We think it greatly improves the gaming experience.

We also add new animations to existing creatures to create variety of in-game situations. For example, on the .gif above you can see the Sentinel reacting on a successful block.

That’s all for this week!

Thank you for your attention! πŸ˜‰

OST weekly ‘update’

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Hello again!


This week we decided to come back to previous work, fix some old bugs and polish some details. We’ve also started implementing the scenario directly in our game. Unfortunately, this lead to the fact, that we haven’t got any completely finished feature we could show you via screenshots or video.

So this time we’d like to showΒ you some music stuff:

Check out new Jake’s track andΒ the Demon of the Deep OST

Thank you for your attention!

Stay tuned, because we’re polishing cool features right now to show them later!

Ancient Aqueducts update #3

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Hello, everyone!

This time we’ve continued our work on the Aqueducts and focused on the mini boss room, where Sterk has to face the Stone Warriors.

We have mostly managed to complete the player’s route through the Aqudecuts: now they’re lacking some details. So we started balancing the battles to make them more interesting.

This is not the only room on the level. Eventually, the Aqueducts have a lot of ‘battle rooms’: some of them contain dangerous enemies, others… well, they all contain dangerous enemies, that’s why we call them ‘battle rooms’.

You also may notice that Stone Warriors use new weapon. Looks quite dangerous, doesn’t it? πŸ˜‰

Thank you for your attention!

We greatly appreciate your feedback and are always open for discussion!

Aqueduct weekly update

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The week has come to the end.

We want to show you some more screenshots on the Aqueducts. The location’s going to be really huge.

You may remember the Stone Warrior. Now it has its own ‘room’ in the Anient Aqueducts, where it waits for Sterk to challenge him in a deadly fight.

It will be a hard battle for Sterk. But with the player’s help he’ll manage to defeat the Stone Warrior… hopefully.

And look! What do we have here?

Seems like Sterk has got new friends… Well, they won’t be so friendly in the game at last.

That’s what we wanted to show you this time. Thank you for your attention!

Stay tuned and don’t miss our updates!