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 Hello, friends!

Unless you are our twitter subscriber, you must’ve not heard from us in some time. Well, here we come with a huge update separated into two parts. Here, in the first part, we are going to look through some changes in Creach – there will be a lot of screenshots and GIFs here. Also you’ll find a new gameplay video in the end of this article.

In Creach: The Depleted World we pay a lot of attention to the surroundings – they have been reworked greatly. The places you visit might look a little gloomy, thus more realistic:

Once you get outside, you’ll see that not all hope is gone, and the sun is still shining in the Temple.

Though sometimes you’d wish it wasn’t shining.

Yeah, the things aren’t going great in Creach. To tell the truth, the world has turned upside down. But it’s the right time for a real hero like Sterk, isn’t it? He is brave enough to enter any dungeon with the evil lurking inside; walk down any narrow sinister streets, where many of the heroes of the old world perished. But he has to ask himself whether he is ready to face what’s hiding behind every corner, moving freely in the darkness.

Well, Sterk is no philosopher. When he sees an abyss, he doesn’t start gazing into it: he simply rushes through it and bravely fights for the glory.

You may say: “It’s easy to face bandits, beasts and even the demons, when you are strong and battle-seasoned”. Well, Sterk says that he can’t ever get used to this. It proves hard to argue with him, when you see creatures like this one:

You’ll find more of it in our NEW video:

In the second part we’ll meet the mysterious Archivist. Is he going to reveal the dark past of Creach? Or is he just a madman with his mind corrupted by the time he spent all alone? You’ll find the answers soon.

Thank you for staying with us and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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New Gameplay and Enemies Update

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Hello, everyone!

We want to remind you that Creach: The Depleted World has been Greenlit, so now we are preparing a playable build for the Early Access.

We also want to show our progress.

New enemies

Possessed by the Stone. These guys are just slaves of a huge power. They don’t ever speak: they are not supposed to. Seems like they have a hive mind, so be careful, when you see more than one of the Possessed!

The second one is the rock crusher. It has everything that makes it deadly: strong legs to chase its victim, powerful jaws to grind everything from man’s flesh to steel, rhino-like horn to kill with one strike… And it’s all packed into a ferocious beast with tough skin!

Rock Crusher doesn’t like the way you are looking at it.

Let’s get to the key point of this update.


During our Greenlight campaign we received several complains on the gameplay. We appreciate your feedback! It helped us to concentrate on making the battles more dynamic. You can see the results for yourself:


Bandits are the most common enemies you will meet in Creach. Nevertheless, they are extremely dangerous… Well, as much as the others.

The years spent in various RPGs, probably, left a durable stereotype in your mind considering the archers. It says: archers are strong on the distance, but once you reach them, they are dead. Haha! In Creach you’ll have to chase the bandit archer for some time in order to kill it; In the most cases you’ll finish it with several arrows in your back.

There are also bandits with a melee weapon. They easily dodge your attacks, so prepare for challenging battles.


Spiders are what most of you don’t like even in the real life. Just imagine them being huge and attacking you from the ceiling like this:

Estimate your chances of killing it with a morning newspaper – if it’s not made of steel, you’ll finish locked up in the bathroom and shaking with fear.

But don’t worry: Sterk has a lot of weapons and knows how to use it.

Even so, he needs your help to pass through the lands of Creach.

You may ask: why all enemies – even at the beginning of the game – are so hard to kill?

Well, those, who were easy to kill, are already dead. Creach is a rough world.

Thank you for your attention!

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Stay tuned!

Renewed Gameplay Update

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Hello, everyone!

Do you recognise guy on the screenshot above? No?

Let us reintroduce you Sterk, the warrior of a small tribe, lost in an endless desert.

His heart stays the same, though his body has undergone huge changes. Even the way he moves and fights has become completely different. We have our reasons to do so, but don’t blame us untill you see the video in the end of the update!

After that, you’ll agree: it’s really cool now!

By the way, Sterk isn’t the only victim of our recent work! In this update:

1. Day and night cycle

Well, it’s kind of thing we’re accustomed to in our everyday life, but day and night cycle in Creach has appeared not so long ago. You’d better not hurry to rejoice: the enemies do not sleep during the night.

You might think, they do it during the day, but no. They don’t sleep. Ever.

Since we’re talking about the enemies…

2. New enemies

Sterk’s foes recieved new appearance and improved AI. Now they act more aggressively and are really hard to kill. Also they’ve got new animations and interesting mechanics: for example, the Fire Knight is now able to get around Sterk and strike him from behind!

3. Renewed map and open world

The Temple and the pathway to the Aqueducts have got new elements and have become more living and interesting to explore. The exciting part is that the whole world of Creach (its’ playable part) is now open for the unstoppable exploration!

4. New Gameplay Video

As you know, we don’t like to make unsubstantiated statements. Just watch the video above and see for yourself. Great music, action scenes and new gorgeous surroundings are worth waiting.

Important note: Since we are making a lot of changes we can hardly show in our old ‘weekly update’ format, we’ve decided to accumulate updates until they are really worth showing.

BUT this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to wait long for the next update: it’s comming soon.

Thank you for your attention! Stay with us! 😉

Shield and Shake! Update

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Hello everyone!

We are sorry it took from us some time several days more to make an update. Here is what we want to show you:

Block demonstration


Here you can see how Sterk blocks incomming strikes using his shield – and he’s always ready to strike back!

Screen shaking


But Sterk doesn’t always get lucky with blocking – sometimes enemies can perform a critical strike, and blocking it makes no difference. When this happens, the screen shakes – so the strikes now look more crushing.

We also finished work on a new enemy for the Aqueducts!

Sterk will have to face this huge creature in a deadly fight!

That’s it! Thank you for your attention and patience!

First weekly update!

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The time has come for our first update!

This week was good, and we ended up with some new features:

– New location – the Temple



It is the starting location for our hero. People here are doomed to live their lives in abandoned building, lost in the deserted unfriendly lands, because trying to inhabit huge ancient cities is far more dangerous!

– An ability to hang and to use stairs for Sterk

Here you can see the preview:

As said, Sterk can hang and climb on the high ground and use ladders to get to the places he couldn’t reach before this update 😉 And Mouseville band, as always, helps him with good ambient music!

– New weapon for Sterk

Gif_sword_light  Gif_sword_basilisk

Well, Sterk is quite happy about it.

OK, that’s it! Thank you for tracking us on IndieDB, watching our previews and showing interest to our game! We greatly appreciate it!

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