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The Interview

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Here we post an interview with Andrey, that was made by a cool guy called Xexor (here is his channel on YouTube). Under it you can also find a list of questions, that’ve been discussed in this video.

Xexor: What is it, that has been depleted from the world of Creach?

Andrey: Creach has its long and tragic story. It came to the current state as a mostly deserted world with a lot of dangerous places in it. As for the name of the game, the word ‘depleted’ reflects not only the state of the world, but the state of the people as well.

X: Sterk is the main character you play, he is an older man in his early 50s, as I suppose. Is he just looking for an adventure at this point at his life, or are there any specific events or threats that prompt him to go out in the Creach and explore it? What’s the idea there?

A: Sterk is not an adventurous type of person, he is more like a conservative person, as many people, who’ve passed their age of 40 or 50. He has his own background like a really tough life with quite complicated relationships with the people of his tribe. Some certain events occur, so Sterk is actually forced to discover the world around him, and he comes up to understanding that something’s completely wrong around him. This and the love for his people makes him to discover the true story of Creach.

X: The website describes a little bit about the game. One point I read was ‘try to remain human in this rough world’. What is the ongoing threat while adventuring that you have to watch out for, something that makes Sterk no human anymore?

A: Along with the dangers that we’ve shown in our updates: golems, spiders, or the traps – there are also some other dangers: ancient technology, mechanisms Sterk will face. He will actually call it ‘magic’, and the people of his tribe will call it ‘magic’, because they have no idea how it works. This technologies could influence Sterk’s worldview and his decisions and even himself, his inner traits. So it really will be a tough task for Sterk to remain human in this world. Some of his decisions can make players to think about their own life in our real world.

X: I’ve seen some early videos on your site. Among those, I saw one that *I believe* was character creation and a different one that was selecting items in your inventory. Sometimes games will allow a lot of flexibility like you can craft items, and the game shows different possibilities in how you can put some items to make another item you want. For example, Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 both allow you to use dyes to change colors of what you’re wearing. So what is the level of flexibility is there with equipment in Creach: The Depleted World?

A: That’s simple. What you’ve seen is just swapping items in the inventory in order to gain different characteristics. As for the customization like putting dyes on your armor and changing its appearence any other way, there won’t be any possibility to do so in the first release version of our game, but if the community decides so, and if we think it’s okay with us, we’ll implement it in the game.

X: You mention on the website that you might be able to obtain some epic weapon in the game. Is finding items in the game more like finding them along the way, or is it more like getting clues where those items are? It doesn’t seem like you have the crafting system in the game, but maybe there’s something that I’ve missed.

A: We’re not implementing a crafting system in Creach: The Depleted World. As for the epic weapon and the clues and so on… We’re making various sidewalks and secret rooms on the levels: if the player is interested in exploring, he’ll be rewarded with some cool stuff. But it won’t significantly ease the game process, just make it more fun, I think. So exploration of the world is key here.

X: Generally speaking, it sounds like it’s mostly a dungeon-crawling kind of a game. Are there really quests in the game, or is it freer, and you just go around and see what you can find?

A: Well, we have the main quest, like beating up the bad guy (or not the bad one: I’ve told you about the question of morality in the game). But also we have some side quests, and the player is free to take them or not. As far as I am responsible for this part of the game, I’m trying to make the quests more interesting, not only like ‘go there and kill ten beasts’, but also something like investigation. In the final version the player will be free to go to various locations, complete side quests or find more interesting content. In this version we’re putting a linear quest: Sterk starts his adventures in the Temple and then goes to the Ancient Aqueducts. So there’s no flexibility here: player can visit no other places except the Temple and the Aqueducts in the current version, but as we continue developing new locations, we’ll give more freedom to the player.

X: Currently this game is being developed for PC, with plans for porting to XBox One, PS4, and Mac if enough money can be raised through donations. Is the planned release a digital download, like on Steam or, or are you going to have physical copies shipped to stores?

A: It’s all true about the digital download, we are planning to go into this option: we are planning to launch a Steam Greenlight campaign, we also may try and Desura and Humble and some others. I think it won’t be bad for us, because different people prefer to buy and download games via different platforms.

X: Right now language support is in Russian and English. If enough financial contribution is given for the game, can you speak to the order you have planned for additional languages?

A: We have our own reasons for making a specific language order. Except for the Russian and English languages, we’ll need additional funds to translate the game into other languages. The order is quite flexible, but we have a priority for the Japanese language, then for some Western European languages, like German, French, Spanish and so on, then some other Eastern languages, like Korean and Chinese. We’d love to translate the game into every language, but it this is all about money.

X: There are various locations in the game: you’ve talked about the Temple and the Aqueducts. Can you briefly describe some other locations in Creach that you’re planning to make for sure?

A: We’ve planned various locations like some castles and some deserts and so on, but before going into it, I’d like to explain why they are so different in the game. It’s quite simple: Creach has its own story with a tragic conflict in the past, and it has changed parts of the world dramatically. For example, the desert used to be a flourishing part of Creach, but it got deserted by *heavily spoiling*. Exploring such locations and observing their destruction – self-destruction sometimes – is really interesting. Some parts of Creach have remained flourishing though, because that conflict didn’t touch them. That’s why the game has very different locations, and we hope this makes it more interesting to play and to explore. Coming back to your question, we have a lot of ideas for the places the player will visit in Creach. The Aqueducts themselves will change as far you go deeper through the level. Also we have planned a desert: a rough territory… you know, what desert is, we’ve got plenty of them on the Earth. Then, we’re planning a castle in the hills, in the mountains, where it’s cold and sometimes creepy, because the castle is abandoned, as mostly everything in the game. Then, something like a huge self-destroying mechanism: if you can imagine a huge watch and walking through it, you’re close to depicturing that location. We’ve got plenty of that stuff, but we need time to make all of it.

X: I don’t know whether this game is going to go to ESRB or PEGI or one of those rating companies, but what would you say about the probably recommended age level in America, maybe?

A: For the gameplay itself, I think, there shouldn’t be a high age level, because we don’t have any mature scenes like cutting heads off or something, or any real horror scenes, but the story itself has to do with people who – I don’t know really – are older then 14 maybe, just to make sure they understand some of the most mature ideas correctly.

If you are interested in further discussion of those questions, make sure you watch the video first, because the answers are introduced quite briefly.

Magic Protection Update

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Hello there!

Screenshot 03 10 10

We are unlocking new area of interest for Sterk and for you! It’s the path, which connects the Temple and the Aqueducts. Here Sterk will face his first enemies in this story, and you’ll get a chance for some combat practice!

The Sentinel: Shield

Do you remember the guy that we tried to rob in the tutorial update? It’s the Ancient Sentinel, left to guard something that was important in the older times, but has probably turned into ashes by now. Or not. Anyway, fighting the Sentinel is worth trying.

It is going to be one of the first enemies you’ll face in Creach, so we try to make it remarkable and interesting. And hard to kill!

To fulfill the last purpose we’ve given the Sentinel a magic shield. Here are two things you need to know about it:

– the shield absorbs damage

Obvious one. The shield serves as a ‘second health bar’, and you can see it on the GIFs: it is represented with a green line. Actually this is what shields are designed for. Just wanted to make sure you get the idea.

– the shield softens incomming strikes

Take a look at the GIFs. When Sterk hits the shield, you can see Sentinel showing no reaction: it continues fighting. It means the following: when you attack a protected enemy, you can’t interrupt its own attacks.

Also pay attention for how the shield changes visually when Sterk continues to kick the… loot out of the Sentinel. It slowly disappears, so you won’t miss the moment when it’s gone.

Thank you for the attention!

Stay with us for more content and updates! 😉

Loot Update

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Hello, everyone!

Another week has passed by, leaving us to wait Creach: The Depleted World release. Don’t worry. It won’t take long.


This time we made a tutorial-like update. It means that each point represents a new feature: enemy awakening system, animation of dead bodies disappearance and loot system – but they are listed to form a tutorial.

How to get loot in Creach: The Depleted World

1. Enemy Awakening

If you come close to some types of enemies, so they can see or feel you, they’ll try to kill you. Creach is all about the personal space. And as far as it’s a platformer, you’re intended to become a serial private territory intruder.

The good thing here is that there is always a chance of getting some items from a dead body, just like in real life. If you want to get loot, don’t hesitate to wake up some golems or spiders and kill them!

2. Watching the body vanish

After the hardest part is done, you’ll see your foes disappearing and leaving some cool stuff behind. Or not.

3. Collecting items!

It was tough, but the moment of glory has come! Here you can see Sterk collecting new armor: dfg (Deadly Fury Gauntlets) and Temple Vanguard Armor, and a great sword of the Ancestors. A little bit rusty, as everything in Creach is, but still quite dangerous.

That’s how you get loot in Creach: The Depleted World!

Here’s one more important thing we wanted to tell you about:

We were chosen to be a part of the October edition of Indie Game Magazine! (p. 48). We all are very excited and greatly motivated for the future work.

That’s all for this week!

We hope you enjoy watching our progress and waiting for the release as much as we do! Stay tuned!

Obelisk update

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Hello again!

This week we’ve got more content to show you.

Look, Sterk has already started the preparations! He can’t wait to show you his new destructive sword! Pay attention for the inventory scrolling in the video:

Here we go:



What the Obelisk is? Well, you may call it a ‘checkpoint’. When you reach an Obelisk, your progress in game is automatically saved. If you activate it, you’ll start the game close to its location the next time.

As for Sterk, he has no idea how it works.

New weapon for Sterk


Heavy two-handed sword is a deadly weapon and a good addition to Sterk’s collection! It poses a significant threat for anyone who comes close enough.


That’s all for now! Stay with us and watch our progress every week!

Spell update

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We are to introduce some work we’ve managed to complete during this week. Let’s have a look:

New spell

The ground strike spell makes Sterk dangerous to fight on the distance. When casting this, Sterk always has a chance to knock the enemy down.

Block animation

We are constantly changing animations of Sterk’s actions, so they look more realistic. We think it greatly improves the gaming experience.

We also add new animations to existing creatures to create variety of in-game situations. For example, on the .gif above you can see the Sentinel reacting on a successful block.

That’s all for this week!

Thank you for your attention! 😉

Shield and Shake! Update

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Hello everyone!

We are sorry it took from us some time several days more to make an update. Here is what we want to show you:

Block demonstration


Here you can see how Sterk blocks incomming strikes using his shield – and he’s always ready to strike back!

Screen shaking


But Sterk doesn’t always get lucky with blocking – sometimes enemies can perform a critical strike, and blocking it makes no difference. When this happens, the screen shakes – so the strikes now look more crushing.

We also finished work on a new enemy for the Aqueducts!

Sterk will have to face this huge creature in a deadly fight!

That’s it! Thank you for your attention and patience!

OST weekly ‘update’

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Hello again!


This week we decided to come back to previous work, fix some old bugs and polish some details. We’ve also started implementing the scenario directly in our game. Unfortunately, this lead to the fact, that we haven’t got any completely finished feature we could show you via screenshots or video.

So this time we’d like to show you some music stuff:

Check out new Jake’s track and the Demon of the Deep OST

Thank you for your attention!

Stay tuned, because we’re polishing cool features right now to show them later!

Ancient Aqueducts update #3

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Hello, everyone!

This time we’ve continued our work on the Aqueducts and focused on the mini boss room, where Sterk has to face the Stone Warriors.

We have mostly managed to complete the player’s route through the Aqudecuts: now they’re lacking some details. So we started balancing the battles to make them more interesting.

This is not the only room on the level. Eventually, the Aqueducts have a lot of ‘battle rooms’: some of them contain dangerous enemies, others… well, they all contain dangerous enemies, that’s why we call them ‘battle rooms’.

You also may notice that Stone Warriors use new weapon. Looks quite dangerous, doesn’t it? 😉

Thank you for your attention!

We greatly appreciate your feedback and are always open for discussion!

Aqueduct weekly update

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The week has come to the end.

We want to show you some more screenshots on the Aqueducts. The location’s going to be really huge.

You may remember the Stone Warrior. Now it has its own ‘room’ in the Anient Aqueducts, where it waits for Sterk to challenge him in a deadly fight.

It will be a hard battle for Sterk. But with the player’s help he’ll manage to defeat the Stone Warrior… hopefully.

And look! What do we have here?

Seems like Sterk has got new friends… Well, they won’t be so friendly in the game at last.

That’s what we wanted to show you this time. Thank you for your attention!

Stay tuned and don’t miss our updates!

Aqueduct Sentinel update!

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This week we have some more stuff to show you!

It’s all about the Ancient Aquducts. And the first thing here is…

The Aqueducts themselves

The Ancient Aqueducts were built under the deserted ground and were used to transport water from the source to some deep constructions. Now they are abandoned, because there’s no use in them – it’s true; but the real reason is the deadly creatures which inhabit the Aqueducts. And among them you may find…

The Aqueduct Sentinels


They guarded this place in the old times, but now seem to have lost control. They attack anything comming up to their sight.

And one more update!

The shield

Now Sterk can not only dodge incomming attacks, but also block them. This is useful if you want to stay inside of the fight.

However, he can’t take a shield if he holds a two-handed weapon.

Thank you for your attention!

We’ve noticed that a lot of people are starting to get interested in our project, and that’s cool! As you can see, we’re making constant progress every week! Stay tuned! 😉