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Shield and Shake! Update

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Hello everyone!

We are sorry it took from us some time several days more to make an update. Here is what we want to show you:

Block demonstration


Here you can see how Sterk blocks incomming strikes using his shield – and he’s always ready to strike back!

Screen shaking


But Sterk doesn’t always get lucky with blocking – sometimes enemies can perform a critical strike, and blocking it makes no difference. When this happens, the screen shakes – so the strikes now look more crushing.

We also finished work on a new enemy for the Aqueducts!

Sterk will have to face this huge creature in a deadly fight!

That’s it! Thank you for your attention and patience!

OST weekly ‘update’

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Hello again!


This week we decided to come back to previous work, fix some old bugs and polish some details. We’ve also started implementing the scenario directly in our game. Unfortunately, this lead to the fact, that we haven’t got any completely finished feature we could show you via screenshots or video.

So this time we’d like to showΒ you some music stuff:

Check out new Jake’s track andΒ the Demon of the Deep OST

Thank you for your attention!

Stay tuned, because we’re polishing cool features right now to show them later!

Ancient Aqueducts update #3

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Hello, everyone!

This time we’ve continued our work on the Aqueducts and focused on the mini boss room, where Sterk has to face the Stone Warriors.

We have mostly managed to complete the player’s route through the Aqudecuts: now they’re lacking some details. So we started balancing the battles to make them more interesting.

This is not the only room on the level. Eventually, the Aqueducts have a lot of ‘battle rooms’: some of them contain dangerous enemies, others… well, they all contain dangerous enemies, that’s why we call them ‘battle rooms’.

You also may notice that Stone Warriors use new weapon. Looks quite dangerous, doesn’t it? πŸ˜‰

Thank you for your attention!

We greatly appreciate your feedback and are always open for discussion!

Aqueduct weekly update

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The week has come to the end.

We want to show you some more screenshots on the Aqueducts. The location’s going to be really huge.

You may remember the Stone Warrior. Now it has its own ‘room’ in the Anient Aqueducts, where it waits for Sterk to challenge him in a deadly fight.

It will be a hard battle for Sterk. But with the player’s help he’ll manage to defeat the Stone Warrior… hopefully.

And look! What do we have here?

Seems like Sterk has got new friends… Well, they won’t be so friendly in the game at last.

That’s what we wanted to show you this time. Thank you for your attention!

Stay tuned and don’t miss our updates!

Aqueduct Sentinel update!

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This week we have some more stuff to show you!

It’s all about the Ancient Aquducts. And the first thing here is…

The Aqueducts themselves

The Ancient Aqueducts were built under the deserted ground and were used to transport water from the source to some deep constructions. Now they are abandoned, because there’s no use in them – it’s true; but the real reason is the deadly creatures which inhabit the Aqueducts. And among them you may find…

The Aqueduct Sentinels


They guarded this place in the old times, but now seem to have lost control. They attack anything comming up to their sight.

And one more update!

The shield

Now Sterk can not only dodge incomming attacks, but also block them. This is useful if you want to stay inside of the fight.

However, he can’t take a shield if he holds a two-handed weapon.

Thank you for your attention!

We’ve noticed that a lot of people are starting to get interested in our project, and that’s cool! As you can see, we’re making constant progress every week! Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰

Introducing Ancient Aqueducts

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This week we’ve started working on a new location.

We call it the Ancient Aqueducts.

Here you can take a look at our work:


Sterk’s entering the Aqueducts. The place seems to be too silent.
What will Sterk find here? A treasury, full of gold, or a key to the story of his tribe? Or it may be…

New dreadful enemies!

Monster 01Β  Monster 03

In the darkest parts of the underground aqueducts for centuries mixture of decomposing bodies, oil and mud has been transforming into these nasty half-dead creatures.


They come out of nowhere, right from the disgusting, viscous liquid, which fills the aqueducts on the lowest levels.

Monster 06Β Β Monster 07

A man cannot completely kill it. There’s only one way… RUN!


And one more important addition:


As you can see, Sterk is able to change his direction on some special points. This makes levels less linear and more complex than before.

That’s all for this week! Thank you for your attention!

Stay tuned and don’t miss the updates!

Weekly update #7

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We have new features to show you!

Let’s have a look:

– New enemies – numerous Spiders


Whenever you come to dark places, prepare to face them… Rumors say, long time ago these creatures used to have a great civilization; but now all that’s left is their life form of spiders.

– New one-handed weapon attack animation

04_HIGΒ Β 05_HIG

Now Sterk can surprise his foes with new attack! You may also notice trails – look cool, don’t they? πŸ˜‰

– Two-handed weapon


Spiders have their bodies protected with chitin, and it’s quite hard to kill them using light arms. Fortunately, Sterk has learned how to use two-handed weapon.

That’s all for this week!

We are still marching through the early development stage, but thanks to your support we create and implement new features every week! Thank you!