You can call us “Fractal Face” or just “Lovely cool guys”.

Here we are:

Evgeny Muralev


Capable-of-everything game programmer. He can turn your whole life into a piece of C++ code while you’re drinking a cup of coffee.

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Konstantin Muralev


The almighty artist. Creates tons of art in a short period of time. He’ll never reinvent the wheel, because, as he says, Blizzard has done everything in World of Warcraft.

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Andrey Raskovalov


The game narrative writer. He does some scripting and writes everything: the game story, descriptions, dialogues, etc. Undoubtedly, the hottest guy in the team. The text on this page is also his doing.

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Jake Harley


Composer, game music aficionado and an RPG nerd. He creates music and sound effects to draw players deep into the gaming experience — and sometimes they don’t come back.

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